Cross-platform GUI for Decred.
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Build Status ISC License

decrediton is a cross-platform GUI for decred written in node.js using Electron.


Currently decrediton is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Decrediton will NOT use or in any way disrupt the CLI wallet file you may already be using at this time.

Download the decrediton release for your operating system on decred/decred-binaries.

On macOS, Ubuntu (14.04 LTS kernel 3.16 and later), and recent Debians, there should be no additional dependencies needed (exception: Ubuntu 18.04+, see issue #1404).

On Fedora or similar distros you may need to install the libXScrnSaver package if you see this error:

error while loading shared libraries:

You can install this on a recent Fedora with the command:

sudo dnf -y install libXScrnSaver

On linux you will need to decompress the package:

tar -xvzf decrediton-X.X.X.tar.gz

and then run the file:


This will start dcrd and dcrwallet for you.

On macOS, double-click the .dmg file, drag the .app to your Applications folder. Double click on to start.

You can also install via brew cask:

brew cask install decrediton

From there follow the on screen instructions to setup your wallet.


When running a release version, there are a few options available.

To see additional debug information (including the output of dcrd and dcrwallet) run:

decrediton --debug

To pass additional arguements to dcrwallet (such as to increase the logging level run:

decrediton --extrawalletargs='-d=debug'


Due to potential compatibility issues, for now, all work should be done with electron 2.0.0.

You need to install dcrd, dcrwallet and dcrctl.

This has been tested on Linux and OSX.

Adjust the following steps for the paths you want to use.

mkdir code
cd code
git clone
cd decrediton
mkdir bin/
cp $GOPATH/bin/dcr* bin/
yarn dev

Setting up your development environment

The following steps will help you configure your decrediton development environment and reduce future startup times.


When you launch decrediton, you will be prompted to select a wallet to use. Select your wallet or create a new one using the in-app wizard. Be sure to save your seed and make your password memorable.

Decred Node

It will be helpful to you to run the Decred node in a separate process and simply attach to it between decrediton restarts. In order to see the advanced daemon configuration options you open your config.json and set the daemon_start_advanced flag to true as follows:

"daemon_start_advanced": true,

Note: Your config.json file is located in the following directory(s)

Windows - C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\Decrediton\config.json

OSX - $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Decrediton/config.json

Linux - ~/.config/decrediton/config.json

Run the following to start the Decred daemon in a standalone terminal window:

Windows - dcrd --testnet -u USER -P PASSWORD --rpclisten= --rpccert=C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Dcrd\rpc.cert

OSX - dcrd --testnet -u USER -P PASSWORD --rpclisten= --rpccert=$HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Dcrd/rpc.cert

Linux - dcrd --testnet -u USER -P PASSWORD --rpclisten= --rpccert=~/.dcrd/rpc.cert

You can connect to this daemon in Advanced Startup => Different Local Daemon Location and input the parameters requested. Note that all the parameters needed are present in the command you used to start the node for your respective system.


On windows you will need some extra steps to build grpc. This assumes you are using msys2 with various development tools (compilers, make, etc) all installed.

Install node from the official package and add it to your msys2 path. You must install the same version of node as required for Linux and OSX (8.6.0+).

Install openssl from the following site:

From an admin shell:

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Then build grpc as described above.

Building the package

You need to install dcrd, dcrwallet and dcrctl.

To build a packaged version of decrediton (including a dmg on OSX and exe on Windows), follow the development steps above. Then build the dcr command line tools:

cd code/decrediton
mkdir bin
cp `which dcrd` bin/
cp `which dcrctl` bin/
cp `which dcrwallet` bin/
yarn package

Building release versions


You need to make sure you have the following packages installed for the building to work:

  • icns2png
  • graphicsmagick
  • rpm-build
yarn package-linux

After it is finished it will have the built rpm, deb and tar.gz in the releases/ directory.

If you're only interested in a tar.gz, you can alternatively use:

yarn package-dev-linux


If you have any further questions you can find us at:

  • (channel #decred)
  • webchat

Issue Tracker

The integrated github issue tracker is used for this project.


decrediton is licensed under the copyfree ISC License.