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package main
import (
// params is used to group parameters for various networks such as the main
// network and test networks.
type params struct {
rpcPort string
var (
// decredMainNetParams contains parameters specific to the main network
// (wire.MainNet).
decredMainNetParams = params{
Params: &chaincfg.MainNetParams,
rpcPort: "10009",
// decredTestNet3Params contains parameters specific to the test network
// (wire.TestNet3).
decredTestNet3Params = params{
Params: &chaincfg.TestNet3Params,
rpcPort: "10009",
// decredSimNetParams contains parameters specific to the simulation test network
// (wire.SimNet).
decredSimNetParams = params{
Params: &chaincfg.SimNetParams,
rpcPort: "10009",
// activeNetParams is a pointer to the parameters specific to the
// currently active Decred network. (default: --testnet)
var activeNetParams = &decredTestNet3Params
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