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package main
import (
const (
defaultTLSCertFilename = "tls.cert"
defaultMacaroonFilename = "admin.macaroon"
defaultLogFilename = "dcrlnfaucet.log"
defaultConfigFilename = "dcrlnfaucet.conf"
defaultLogLevel = "info"
defaultLndNode = "localhost:10009"
defaultBindAddr = ":80"
defaultUseLeHTTPS = false
defaultWipeChannels = false
var (
defaultLndDir = dcrutil.AppDataDir("dcrlnd", false)
defaultTLSCertPath = filepath.Join(defaultLndDir, defaultTLSCertFilename)
defaultMacaroonPath = filepath.Join(
defaultLndDir, "data", "chain", "decred", "testnet",
defaultDataDir = dcrutil.AppDataDir("dcrlnfaucet", false)
defaultLogPath = filepath.Join(
defaultDataDir, "logs", "decred", "testnet",
defaultConfigFile = filepath.Join(
defaultDataDir, defaultConfigFilename,
type config struct {
ConfigFile string `short:"C" long:"configfile" description:"Path to configuration file"`
LndDir string `long:"lnddir" description:"The base directory that contains lnd's data, logs, configuration file, etc."`
LndNode string `long:"lnd_node" description:"network address of dcrlnd RPC (host:port)"`
BindAddr string `long:"bind_addr" description:"port to listen for http"`
UseLeHTTPS bool `long:"use_le_https" description:"use https via lets encrypt"`
WipeChannels bool `long:"wipe_chans" description:"close all faucet channels and exit"`
Domain string `long:"domain" description:"the domain of the faucet, required for TLS"`
MacaroonPath string `long:"macpath" description:"path to macaroons files"`
TLSCertPath string `long:"tlscertpath" description:"Path to write the TLS certificate for lnd's RPC and REST services"`
DisableZombieSweeper bool `long:"disable_zombie_sweeper" description:"disable zombie channels sweeper"`
// Network
MainNet bool `long:"mainnet" description:"Use the main network"`
TestNet bool `long:"testnet" description:"Use the test network"`
SimNet bool `long:"simnet" description:"Use the simulation test network"`
// Invoice features
DisableGenerateInvoices bool `long:"disablegen" description:"disable generate invoice"`
DisablePayInvoices bool `long:"disablepay" description:"disable invoice payment"`
// normalizeNetwork returns the common name of a network type used to create
// file paths. This allows differently versioned networks to use the same path.
func normalizeNetwork(network string) string {
if strings.HasPrefix(network, "testnet") {
return "testnet"
return network
func loadConfig() (*config, []string, error) {
// Default config.
cfg := config{
LndDir: defaultLndDir,
BindAddr: defaultBindAddr,
UseLeHTTPS: defaultUseLeHTTPS,
WipeChannels: defaultWipeChannels,
MacaroonPath: defaultMacaroonPath,
TLSCertPath: defaultTLSCertPath,
// Pre-parse the command line options to see if an alternative config
// file was specified. Any errors aside from the
// help message error can be ignored here since they will be caught by
// the final parse below.
preCfg := cfg
preParser := flags.NewParser(&preCfg, flags.HelpFlag)
_, err := preParser.Parse()
if err != nil {
if e, ok := err.(*flags.Error); ok && e.Type == flags.ErrHelp {
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, err)
return nil, nil, err
appName := filepath.Base(os.Args[0])
appName = strings.TrimSuffix(appName, filepath.Ext(appName))
usageMessage := fmt.Sprintf("Use %s -h to show usage", appName)
// If the config file path has not been modified by user, then
// we'll use the default config file path.
if preCfg.ConfigFile == "" {
preCfg.ConfigFile = defaultConfigFile
// Load additional config from file.
var configFileError error
parser := flags.NewParser(&cfg, flags.Default)
err = flags.NewIniParser(parser).ParseFile(preCfg.ConfigFile)
if err != nil {
if _, ok := err.(*os.PathError); !ok {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Error parsing config "+
"file: %v\n", err)
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, usageMessage)
return nil, nil, err
configFileError = err
// Parse command line options again to ensure they take precedence.
remainingArgs, err := parser.Parse()
if err != nil {
if e, ok := err.(*flags.Error); !ok || e.Type != flags.ErrHelp {
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, usageMessage)
return nil, nil, err
// Create the home directory if it doesn't already exist.
funcName := "loadConfig"
err = os.MkdirAll(defaultDataDir, 0700)
if err != nil {
// Show a nicer error message if it's because a symlink is
// linked to a directory that does not exist (probably because
// it's not mounted).
if e, ok := err.(*os.PathError); ok && os.IsExist(err) {
if link, lerr := os.Readlink(e.Path); lerr == nil {
str := "is symlink %s -> %s mounted?"
err = fmt.Errorf(str, e.Path, link)
str := "%s: Failed to create home directory: %v"
err := fmt.Errorf(str, funcName, err)
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, err)
return nil, nil, err
// Multiple networks can't be selected simultaneously. Count number of
// network flags passed and assign active network params.
numNets := 0
if cfg.MainNet {
activeNetParams = &decredMainNetParams
if cfg.TestNet {
activeNetParams = &decredTestNet3Params
if cfg.SimNet {
activeNetParams = &decredSimNetParams
if numNets > 1 {
str := "%s: mainnet, testnet and simnet params can't be " +
"used together -- choose one of the three"
err := fmt.Errorf(str, funcName)
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, err)
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, usageMessage)
return nil, nil, err
// If user didn't set the LndNode to connect to then use the default
// port for the active network (localhost:<default_port>).
if cfg.LndNode == "" {
cfg.LndNode = "localhost:" + activeNetParams.rpcPort
// Initialize log rotation. After log rotation has been initialized, the
// logger variables may be used.
defaultLogPath = strings.Replace(defaultLogPath, "testnet", normalizeNetwork(activeNetParams.Name), 1)
if cfg.UseLeHTTPS && cfg.Domain == "" {
err := fmt.Errorf("%s: domain must be specified to use Let's Encrypt HTTPS", funcName)
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, err)
return nil, nil, err
// Warn about missing config file only after all other configuration is
// done. This prevents the warning on help messages and invalid
// options. Note this should go directly before the return.
if configFileError != nil {
log.Warnf("%v", configFileError)
return &cfg, remainingArgs, nil
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