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; lnd_node is the network address of dcrlnd RPC (host:port)
; bind_addr is the port that the http server should listen on.
; lnddir is the base directory that contain's lnd's data, logs, config files and etc.
; mainnet is to used main network, at this time the default network
; is testnet and you can only use one network at a time.
; macpath is the path to macaroon files
; tlscertpath is the path to tls certificate
; use_le_https indicates whether we should bind to the https port and
; use the lets encrypt service to get a certificate for it.
; wipe_chans is a bool that indicates if all channels should be
; closed (either cooperatively or forcibly) on startup. If all
; channels are able to be closed, then the binary will exit upon success.
; domain is the target which will resolve to the IP address of the
; machine running the faucet. Setting this parameter properly is
; required in order for the free Let's Encrypt TSL certificate to work.
; disablegen is used to disable the ln-faucet feature to
; generate new invoices.
; disablepay is used to disable the ln-faucet feature
; to do a payment to a invoice request.
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