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Politeia GUI

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Politeiagui is the web frontend used for Politeia. Currently, there are two different systems built on top of Politeia and both uses Politeiagui as the web client. They are:


Politeiagui uses node.js and the yarn package manager.

  • node

  • yarn

  • politeiawww

    Note: Politeiagui can be run as a standalone application that uses mock APIs to simulate communicaiton with the Politeia backend (useful if you're only doing UI changes). In this case, politeiawww isn't needed. However, be aware that the Mock APIs are not always up-to-date with the latest changes.


  1. Clone this repository

  2. Build and run locally.

    Against politeiawww

    To run politeiagui against politeiawww, make sure politeiawww is running and use the following command:

    • Run the Proposal app: yarn && yarn start
    • Run the CMS app: yarn && yarn start:cms

    Switching between Proposals and CMS

    You can have two separate data directories for Proposals and CMS. Use the --datadir= flag when starting politeiad and pass a different directory for each app. For example:

    politeiad --buildcache --datadir="~/Library/Application\ Support/Cms"

    Doing this, you don't have to erase and populate your DB again when switching from one app to another.

    Mock APIs (WARNING: may be out of date)

    To run politeiagui using mock APIs that do not communicate with politeiawww (useful for working on UI changes only), run the following command:

    yarn && yarn uidev


To build politeiagui for production deployment, use the following commands:

  • Build the Proposal app: yarn && yarn build
  • Build the CMS app: yarn && yarn build:cms


Politeiagui allow customization of settings and features toggling by providing a set of configuration options. The configuration is loaded based on the "preset name" which must be provided through an enviroment variable called "REACT_APP_PRESET".

The configs can be found inside src/apps/<preset_name>.

Currently, two presets are supported, they are:

  • politeia: the set of configurations for the Proposals website.
  • cms: the set of configurations for the Contractor Managament System.

The full table of configuration options is presented below:

Option POLITEIA (default) CMS Description
title "Politeia" "Contractor Management" The title to be used for the website
logoLight "pi-logo-light.svg" "cms-logo-light.svg" Indicates what is the name of the light logo file under src/assets/images
logoDark "pi-logo-dark.svg" "cms-logo-dark.svg" Indicates what is the name of the dark logo file under src/assets/images
recordType "proposal" "invoice" The main record type name
enableAdminInvite false true To enable or not the UI elements required for admin invite
enableCommentVote true false To enable or not the vote on comments
testnetGitRepository "" "" The testnet git repository where the public records are stored
mainnetGitRepository "" "" The mainnet git repository where the public records are stored
paywallContent "paywall-politeia" "" Indicates what is the name of the markdown file under src/assets/copies to be used for the paywall copy
privacyPolicyContent "privacy-policy" "privacy-policy-cms" Indicates what is the name of the markdown file under src/assets/copies to be used for the privacy policy copy
navMenuPaths see src/apps/politeia/config.json see src/apps/cms/config.json Custom menu paths to be shown in the navigation menu dropdown

Important: Currently it's only possible to use the CMS or the POLITEIA presets fully. If you want to create your own app config, you'll need to modify the code and the API accordingly.


Politeiagui has unit tests for its core logic. To run all unit tests run the command:

yarn test

Test coverage is currently provided for (actions/*), (lib/*, reducers/*) and (selectors/*).

Relevant libraries/modules used for testing are:


We encourage you to contribute to Politeiagui. Please check How to contribute to Politeiagui for guidelines about how to proceed.


Politeiagui can also be hosted in a docker container. To build the the docker container, run the following commands:

$ ./bin/

Then run the container with:

$ docker run -d --rm -p <local port>:80 decred/politeiagui:latest

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. You can find the most recent version of this guide here.


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