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Python tools for Decred
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A Python 3 Decred toolkit. The modules in TinyDecred can be used to integrate Decred into Python projects. Everything needed to create wallets to send and receive DCR.


  1. Pure-Python secp256k1 elliptic curve.

  2. Serializable and de-serializable python versions of important types from the dcrd/wire package: MsgTx, BlockHeader, OutPoint, etc.

  3. BIP-0044 keys. Account creation and management. PGP mnemonic seeds.

  4. Network parameters for mainnet, testnet3, and simnet.

  5. Clients for the dcrdata block explorer API (websockets, pubsub, HTTP).

  6. Experimental PyQt5 light wallet.


Install by cloning the git repo. The parent directory of tinydecred will need to be in sys.path.
You can add it by setting the PYTHONPATH environment variable. Alternatively, you can put a symlink to the tinydecred directory in your Python installation's lib/site-packages/ directory or other sys.path directory.

All dependencies are available through PyPi.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

though depending on your setup, you may need sudo, and pip3 might be pip.

You're probably okay to use newer versions of PyQt5, but 5.9.2 has been remarkably stable.


In the examples directory, there are scripts for creating and using wallets, and for using dcrdata and matplotlib to plot Decred network data.

TinyDecred GUI Wallet

TinyDecred is the name of the package as well as the experimental light wallet GUI application. The light wallet is experimental, and should not be used on mainnet.

To start the wallet, navigate to the tinydecred package directory, and run

python --testnet

The wallet runs as a system-tray application, of which the major difference is that "closing" the wallet actually just removes the entry from the taskbar and minimizes the window "to the system tray". The wallet can then be "opened" again through the icon in the system tray.

alt text

TinyDecred is pretty small. Like Decred, it's meant to be an omnipresent yet largely invisible and unobtrusive part of your digital environment. The small dialog size keeps user interactions focused. Bells and whistles are minimized in favor of simplicity whenever possible. Blockchain mechanics are invisible. The goal is to make using Decred easier than pulling change out of your pocket.


In no particular order

  • Staking
  • Schnorr signatures and Edwards curve
  • SPV Node
  • Bitcoin accounts
  • Decred DEX integration
  • Lightning network
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