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Decriminalize NH is a non-partisan community of activists, lawyers, policymakers, academics, and ordinary Granite Staters working to create a more peaceful and prosperous New Hampshire by repealing bad criminal laws.

A bad criminal law is any law that brands people as a criminal even if their actions are peaceful, consensual, honest, and/or unlikely to cause harm to the persons or property of others.

A bad criminal law is also any law that targets a legitimate offense, but that imposes a disproportionate or counterproductive penalty on offenders. We believe that responses to crime should be evidence-based and aim for restorative justice, rehabilitation, and public safety rather than punishment for the sake of punishment.

All of our draft legislation is hosted here on GitHub and worked on in public: anyone can review, and anyone can contribute.

You can find the repositories of all of our projects here.

If you want to help contribute to any of our projects, you can find a how-to guide here.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to start a discussion here and let's chat about it!