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Android frontend for webyast
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It would appear that WebYaST is dead and so I'll no longer waste time on this project.

YaSTroid project An android application that will communicate with webyast service through it's RESTful interface.

Currently the RESTful interface only listens on localhost. This presents an obvious problem, so in order to change this you will have to make some changes.

vi /etc/yastws/lighttpd.conf
server.bind = "" (change it to this)
rcyastws restart

And you should be ready to start testing the RESTful interface.

*** If you want to test the RESTful interface from the console To generate the cookie: curl -u root -c cookie.txt http://serverip:4984/login

Once you have run that you can run this to get all available Yast resources curl -0 -X GET -b cookie.txt http://serverip:4984/resources

For example curl -0 -X GET -b cookie.txt http://serverip:4984/ntp

NOTE: I've started a new job where I'm developing on android using mono for android. So, as a way to improve my skills I'm porting yastroid over to m4a.

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