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Lighter syntax for `create()`? #94

aawwawa opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Discussed this with @rvagg in IRC briefly. Here's the alias I would propose: = function(tagname) { 
    return bonzo.create('<'+ tagname +'>');

It could obviously be implemented more performantly as a direct interface to the DOM, but I think it would be a more intuitive API. The current name create() evokes the native DOM's document.create(), which accepts a tag name, not a tag. So intuitively I always want to write bonzo.create('div'), and not bonzo.create('<div>'). That was perhaps the most recurring hitch in my adjustment to the API, FWIW.


Using new('div') would read better aloud, and make more intuitive sense as english. In my brief tests, having a member function of an object called new() does NOT conflict with the JS new keyword.


im digging this. should we worry about new'ing multiple elements, at all? that might be dumb and complicating things that don't need to be. i'm all for this alias though.


It's really just an alias for document.createElement(tagname), the overhead of bonzo.create() can be completely avoided for this case. But because it's just duplicating an existing function that's available across browsers then perhaps this is just fluff?


We did this on in an internal version of ender (just extending $).

$.createElement = function (tagName) {
  return $(document.createElement(tagName))

there were cases in the Editor where i'd need to create an Ender element out of a tag name. and it was more of a hassle to do this...

$('<' + tagName + '/>')
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