Should remove need for bonzo.create()ing markup. #104

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aawwawa commented Nov 28, 2012

Changed constructor function Bonzo.

Should remove need for bonzo.create()ing markup.
Changed constructor function `Bonzo`.
- elements :
- [elements]
+ elements = typeof elements === 'string' &&
+ !/^\s*</.test(elements) &&

ded Nov 28, 2012


this regex literal won't work in IE


aawwawa Nov 29, 2012


Garrrrh, really? What about it? Would !new RegExp("^\\s*<").test(elements) be any better?

I actually have IE, but unfortunately I'm not firing it up to test this, since every time I open it, it crashes my machine. :(


rvagg Nov 29, 2012


Hmm.. I'm not sure it's actually going to be a problem as-is in IE. You could paren for clarity: !(/^\s*</).test(elements).
In any case, a good unit test suite will pick up any problems with old IE so working on that should be your next task to figure out.

If you want a full IE test suite then you can download and use these virtual machine images direct from Microsoft exactly for this purpose:


aawwawa Nov 30, 2012


Yeah, I suppose I should've said it tends to crash my machine... I gave it a try with all my work saved, and it ended up working. So I know it def works with IE8, not to say anything of the others, because this prints falsetrue.

I'll work on the test suite some time soon, though I may (or may not) need some pointers when I do. :)


ded Oct 21, 2013


yeah. what i meant was that it just needed the parens..... 11 months later


rvagg commented Oct 14, 2013

still interested in this @aawwawa, I'm keen if you can cook up some tests for it, just some basic stuff to test the query() path and the normalize() path if you can.

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