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Qwery is a modern selector engine built on top of querySelectorAll giving you practical utility.

Deprecation Notice!

As of version 4.0, qwery no longer supports IE6 - IE8. If your application still requires this level of support, please see the final 3.x release.

Browser Support

  • IE9+
  • Chrome 1+
  • Safari 3+
  • Firefox 4+


Each query can optionally pass in a context

qwery('div', node); // existing DOM node or...
qwery('div', '#foo'); // another query

Dev Env & Testing

npm install
make test

Ender support

Qwery is the recommended selector engine for Ender. If you don't have Ender, install it, and don't ever look back.

npm install ender -g

Include qwery into your package.json

  "dependencies": {
    "qwery": "x.x.x"

Ender bridge additions

// the context finder - find all p elements descended from a div element

// join one set with another
$('div').and('p') // equal to $('div,p')

Recommended sibling modules

In most cases, if you're hunting for a selector engine, you probably want to pair Qwery with a DOM module. In that case qwery pairs quite nicely with Bonzo (a DOM util) and Bean (an event util). Add them to your Ender installation as such:

ender build qwery bean bonzo

Then write code like a boss:

$('<p>hello world</p>')
    color: 'red',
    background: 'white'
    'click.button': function () {

Giving back

Are you using this library in production? Consider leaving a tip to show your appreciation.