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This is a roadmap I would like to achieve, there are no dates behind the releases though.

  • 0.1 – Packaging, documentation, source-forge setup (Reached 2010-10-26 tag: milestone-0.1.0)
  • 0.5 – Direct keyboard event input and daemon mode
  • 0.6 – Mac support
  • 0.8 – Sound variation
  • 0.9 – Stereo sound support
  • 1.0 – Accept various sound input formats


Direct keyboard event input

This means that the input for the pressed keys is not just taken from the XEvIE X Server Module as input, but can also be retrieved from the kernel directly.
I fear this will require some pure device reading from /dev/input/event since I haven’t found an abstraction layer for that yet.
Additionally the device is only readable as root (for good reason) and annoyme will have to open the device as privileged used and then fork to some other account. This is not yet done and will require some work, additionally it is good opportunity to move the application to a daemon like behavior.

Mac support

libao is available on osx and XEvIE too, but the audio lib is currently only supporting 44k sample rate. This release should introduce a better audio output for osx.

Sound variation

Currently there is only one sound effect available for one type of key, this feature should allow to define multiple sound files for one key and alternate between them when playing.

Stereo sound support

Currently only mono samples are supported, main reason is the software mixer. Maybe this step already prepares for the following feature.

Accept various sound input formats

For now only one type of input files is supported, but to make it more easy to create own themes, different audio formats should be supported.

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