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JNA based Java API for hyphen

This package contains the JNA based Java bindings for the hyphen, see: for details.

This java wrapper lives at:

See this page for dictionaries:

Building the native binaries

Before using the java API you must build some native binaries to include in the jar, to make things easy I've included the binaries from the platforms that I care about in native-lib.

The binaries in native-lib were built on the various platforms using the script, the source for the native libs is in native-src and consists of an unmodified hunspell source tar ball and any needed diffs.

I've included a script called which might help to build them on at least Linux and Mac and 32 and 64 bit, for windows you can take it as a hint of what to do.

When building the sources on your own, make sure you have gawk installed if you run into related errors.

Building the Java API

To build hyphen.jar simply run ant this will produce build/jar/hyphen.jar which contains everything a standalone application could want (aside from jna.jar which can be found on the JNA page or in lib)


See for a very simple example of how to use the API, it boils down to:

Hyphen.Dictionary dictionary = Hyphen.getInstance().getDictionary(dictPath);
String hyphenated = dictionary.hyphenate(word);

Hyphen.getInstance() caches the loaded hunspell library, so there is no overhead in calling it more than once.

getDictionary() is also internally cached, so it costs no more than a hash lookup when calling the second time.


To Flemming Frandsen who build HunspellJNA which was mostly copied here,

Andrzej Zydron figured out how to build libhunspell for 64 bit OSX.


At the moment the package contains copies of:

  • jna.jar version 3.4.0
  • hyphen version 2.8.3
  • junit 4
  • hamcrest 1.3

Benjamin Peter