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Supervisor Configuration for DS Elastic Beanstalk
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Supervisor Configuration for BJM Elastic Beanstalk

About Supervisor

Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems. use supervisord tools to start/stop, conditionally wait for child processes to shutdown, and startup later.

  • processname : supervisord
  • config : /etc/supervisord.conf
  • config : /etc/sysconfig/supervisord
  • pidfile : /var/run/
  • chkconfig : 345 83 04


Tested on Laravel 5.2

  1. Add Elastic Beanstalk Extension to your deploy Source

     git clone
     cp denebsupervisord/supervisor.config {$path_to_source}/source/.ebextension/
     cp denebsupervisord/ {$path_to_source}/source/.ebextension/
  2. Add new value to Elastic Beanstalk software configuration in your dashboard.

    • All Application > ${YOUR_ENV} > Configuration > Software Configuration.
    • Look at your Environment Properties, add this value:
      Property Name = SUPERVISE
      Property Value = enable
    • Apply and wait until the configuring procces done.
  3. Deploy your app with the webhook or by executing this command in EB OPS

     cd {$path_to_source}

Important Notes

  • All log files related to supervisor will be written in /var/www/app/support/logs in your EB container. You can also request for log files in log dashboard also, All Application > ${YOUR_ENV} > Logs.
  • Run ps -aux | grep artisan to make sure that supervisor is running on your system.
  • The demo

More Details


Check the Original Source for more details about the config

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