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Custom country flags for Virtual Radar Server.
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VRS-Country-Flags 🛩️ MIT License VRS version 2.4 Build Status GitHub release Say Thanks!

Custom country flags for Virtual Radar Server (a.k.a. VRS). This plug-in replaces the country text name with their respective national flag.


  • VRS installed and running.
  • VRS Custom Content Plugin installed and enabled.


  • Clone or download the repo into a directory on the machine where VRS is running. Ensure you do not place the files under the Virtual Radar Server directory, since they could be overwritten on upgrades.
  • Configure the VRS Custom Content Plugin as shown below (Change the destination root directory accordingly with your own choice).

alt tag

  • In the Web interface, enable the Country option under the "List" tab ( Works best in the Brazilian Portuguese version).
  • Enjoy!


This project was only possible thanks to the invaluable help of many individuals and communities, especially the creator of the VRS, Andrew Whewell, always solicitous in his forum; Andrew Hill, whose site inspired me deeply; and all of the ADS-B Brasil community, including Ramon Martins and Jaime Hempke, which together maintain the excellent site


Feel free to download and share these files, suggest corrections, or send requests for more country flags, as I'm constantly updating this repository until all countries are available.

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