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// Package cothority is a set of applications, services and protocols that
// serve a collective authority. A cothority is composed of a set of servers,
// called conodes. Conodes collectively execute decentralized protocols, e.g.,
// for collective signing, threshold signing, Byzantine agreement, or
// generation of public-randomness. The software in this repository allows you
// to access the services of a cothority through different client applications
// and/or run your own cothority server.
// In this repository you find applications to interact with your cothority,
// services that offer an API to the cothority from the outside world, and
// protocols who make conodes work together.
// For further documentation, please go to
// Some examples of what you can do with a cothority:
// (1),
// (2) and
// (3)
// If you have questions or remarks on the cothority project, feel free to
// reach out to us through our mailing list at
//!forum/cothority or by email to
package cothority