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This document collects web-pages, blog-posts, wikis, godocs, papers and more in a central place as a reference.

Key Repositories

Software quality is often emphasised in our research. Therefore, the key repositories are often useful for the industry, the general public and future research projects. We organise it into three key repositories below.


Cothority is a collection of applications that run on a set of servers called conodes.

  • An overview of its functionalities
  • Godoc of the project
  • Two webpages:
    • Pulsar - publicly verifiable randomness
    • Status - status of our test-network
  • CISC - store ssh keys, webpages or any key/value pair on a blockchain
  • Javascript code to connect to conodes


Kyber is a library exporting basic cryptographic primitives mainly geared towards elliptic curves.

  • An overview
  • Godoc of the project
  • Javascript code to use basic cryptographic primitives - not as extensive as the kyber library


Overlay Network (onet) is the framework used by cothority to define the protocols, services and apps. It offers peer-to-peer connections and a websockets interface for communication with clients.


  • Cothority template is a good place to start if you want to implement your own protocol and/or service and connect it to an app.
  • Protobuf is a simple protobuf implementation that ignores the niceness of .proto-files and uses go-structures only
  • PriFi
  • MedCo
  • Mobi

Blog Posts

Bryan Ford, the professor at EPFL's DEDIS lab, has a number of blog posts related to the cothority:

  • Skipchains - how do you know it's on the blockchain?
  • Byzcoin - Untangling mining incentives in Byzcoin and Bitcoin
  • CoSi - Apple, FBI and software transparency
  • PoP - Let's verify real people, not real names


A number of papers have been written that are implemented partially or fully in the cothority:


  • Pulsar - publicly verifiable randomness
  • Status - status of our test-network
  • PoP - 2nd pop-party ever held