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Proof-of-Personhood demo at Blockchain-Summer-School 2017

Proof-of-personhood is a novel system to attribute exactly one cryptographic token to exactly one physical person. It uses linkable ring signatures to identify yourself as being part of the group. This gives you an anonymity-set the size of the participating group.

Attendee - participant

If you participated in the pop-party at blockchain summer school 2017 in EPFL, you can use your tokens in the following way:

go get github.com/dedis/demo_17_bcss/pop
  • Linking your private key to the transcript
wget https://pop.dedis.ch/transcript_bcss.toml
pop client join transcript_bcss.toml private_key
  • Signing a message coming from a service
pop client sign message context
  • Verifying on the service side
pop client verify message context signature


If you want to organize your own pop-party, please have a look at the following readme: [pop/README.md]


For further reading, here some papers that have been written by the DEDIS-group: