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DEDIS Main Document Repository

This repository is intended to hold working documents created or maintained by the DEDIS group that are intended to be public or under "open source" development, and have no better place to be. Some documents may well start here and move elsewhere later.

Main repositories

  • Cothority is the public-facing repository where apps reside that can be used directly by the public.
  • Kyber cryptographic library is used throughout the cothority for all cryptographic functions that need more than a simple Seal and Open.
  • Cothority template is useful to PhD students and others who want to develop their own protocols, services, and applications such that they can be integrated into the cothority project.
  • Cothority network library holds all the basic networking code used by the cothority framework.

IETF drafts

The two active documents the DEDIS group is working on at the moment are:

Students repositories

This is a list of student projects at DEDIS:

  • 2018 all projects started in 2018
  • 2017 all projects started in 2017
  • 2016 all projects started in 2016


Public working documents (e.g., Internet drafts)



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