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@dedmarozz dedmarozz released this Aug 15, 2019

Blake2b Bittware CVP-13 FPGA miner
Hashrate: 18GH/s (24cores @ 750MHz)



0% dev fee in software.
free for all bittware cvp-13 customers (support 200 DNAs)


load bitstreams:

miner is variable with 24 separate cores: 24x 750 MH/s = 18GH/s

Water cooling is required if you dont have a good water cooling, dont load all cores or max. frequency! there is a risk of overheating and damage your card!

always load first based bitstream:

then load all single cores:
"CORE_01.bit","CORE_02.bit","CORE_03.bit" ... "CORE24.bit"

for bitstreams autoload i recomandet this software:

you can use nextjtag from version 2.2 (Partial Reconfig compatible)


IMPORTANT !!! set COM PORT latency to 1ms in windows device manager, see screenshot bellow (if you dont set 1ms COM port latency, you get many hardware comunications errors in cgminer)

suport any stratum pool protocol

i using modified old cgminer

download cgminer binary files and change your titlenetwork PUBLIC KEY and COM PORT your Bittware CVP-13 card in "start.bat"

number of COM port can see in windows device manager

if you have more CVP-13 cards, set all your COM ports in cgminer (cgminer support max. 40 COM ports)

you can set frequency 400 - 750MHz with 25MHz step (400, 425, 450 ... 725, 750MHz)
higher frequency need higher voltage: 750MHz needs 0.82V

example for one CVP-13 card:

cgminer --disable-gpu -S \.\COM94 --icarus-timing 0.0416 --cainsmore-clock 700 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1J4nnExiNLje1kdynDL42PfLjtmKyCn1CF -p c=BTC,d=16 2>log.txt

example for 5x CVP-13 cards:

cgminer --disable-gpu -S \.\COM94 -S \.\COM95 -S \.\COM96 -S \.\COM97 -S \.\COM98 --icarus-timing 0.0416 --cainsmore-clock 700 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1J4nnExiNLje1kdynDL42PfLjtmKyCn1CF -p c=BTC,d=16 2>log.txt

and thanks for donate for future work!


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