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Help spreading Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance is a new field, but quickly extending its tentacles through a myriad of new and diverse ideas, projects and services. The objective of this repository is to serve as a speaker for the community to pipe news to a common place with great visibility: the website. The website serves as a common place for distributing news on your defi project. People (or well educated robots) can submit their news (product launches, software upgrades), articles, projects or propositions related with Decentralized Finance here, and after a soft review, they will be forwarded to the website.

The principles of

Communities are built on principles, an the ones behind are:

  • Transparency. After a basic review, the resources submitted here through issues, will be transparently forwarded to the website. No arbitrary censorship.
  • Equal access. Do you have a Github account? Do you have some interesting article you want to share with the Decentralized Finance community? It seems that you already fulfill the requisites.
  • Collaborative. We are showing the world that we are powerful when we collaborate. Let's combine ideas and help pushing the ecosystem forward.

Contribution roles

It's not possible to foresee which kind of actors are going to participate in, but initially, there will be:

  • Contributors - anyone that creates an issue with a resource to be published in the website.
  • Curators - recognized members of the Decentralized Finance community that will help checking the contents and generating organic and enriching discussions.

Some basic contribution guidelines

If you want your resource to be published in, you only need to:

  • Issue creation. Create an issue following the available template in the repository. The mandatory sections are a clear title, a small overview and the content, which can be even a link to an external resource.
  • Well-written text. We are not looking for the next Shakespeare, but before the publication, some basic grammar/expression requirements need to be fulfilled.
  • Appropriate content. The contents of the resource need to be related with the topic of Decentralized Finance and they must not be offensive or completely out of context.
  • No promotions. Do you want to share some news about an interesting project or breakthrough? Great, but direct promotions that don't provide any additional value to the community will not be allowed.

Who is behind

The initiative belongs to everyone. The website and this repository is maintained with ❤️ by AAVE, but the goal is to gather all the Decentralized Finance participants around it, sharing, thinking and moving the field forward together.

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