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Send and recieve files securely through the IPFS network


Skyhook is a command-line tool that allows the user to securely share files over the IPFS network. It features:

  • Seamless file encryption and decryption using AES-256
  • Local history of file names, hashes, keys and dates which can be both imported and exported easily
  • Ability to run off both local and remote IPFS nodes


Simply running Skyhook with no arguments gives the user a list of available commands:

    skyhook clear history   -   Delete everything from history
    skyhook list history    -   List all entries in history
    skyhook search [file name/hash]  -   Search history for entries matching [file name/hash]
    skyhook delete [file name/hash]  -   Delete entries specified by [file name/hash] from history
    skyhook save [file name/hash]    -   Save history entries specified by [file name/hash] to the current directory to export.pod
    skyhook add [name:hash:key]      -   Manually add an entry to history specified by colon-separated values of [name:hash:key]
    skyhook import [path]   -   Import history from a location specified by [path]
    skyhook export history  -   Export entire history to the current directory to export.pod
    skyhook upload [file name]  -   Upload a file specified by [file name] from the current directory to the IPFS network
    skyhook download [hash]     -   Download a file specified by [hash] from the IPFS network to the current directory

    It is possible to specify multiple values in a form of a comma-separated list for search,delete,save,import,upload,download and add functions.


The only requirements for running Skyhook are the ipfshttpclient and skyhookfilecrypt modules for Python 3, which can be installed by running:

pip3 install ipfshttpclient skyhookfilecrypt


pip3 install --user ipfshttpclient skyhookfilecrypt