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Previous fix for "uninitialized variables" didn't work. This one does.

The previous fix didn't work. And I bizarrely didn't even test it.

After testing it, it didn't work. So, now I've come up with better code that
actually does what it needs to do without being insane like the previous fix
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1 parent 8699dd3 commit 32fedf45aadb0d3230193058c1682d87ccea15e7 @deeelwy committed Dec 14, 2013
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4 bin/fetchware
@@ -162,8 +162,8 @@ EOM
# tell the user that they can clean it up with fetchware clean??
# Also, add cmdline options to control what to do when this happens???
vmsg 'Determining which command to run based on command line options.';
- my $command = 0;
- $command = shift @ARGV;
+ my $command;
+ @ARGV ? $command = shift @ARGV : $command = 0;
if ($command eq 'install') {
} elsif ($command eq 'uninstall') {

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