A simple micro service that returns trivia questions.
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A simple micro service that returns trivia questions. This respository is the source code for the Trivia Question microservice playlist on DeegeU.com and YouTube.

You can find more programming videos on the DeegeU channel

Getting started

The application can be run using the following command. Use the correct version for SNAPSHOT and BUILDNUMBER when running. This will launch the application.

java -jar ./target/deegeu-quizzer.SNAPSHOT.BUILDNUMBER-swarm.jar

The service can be tested using either curl, REST client, or your favorite browser.

Running the command will return a random question at a command prompt.

curl http://localhost:8080/trivia/questions/random

The starting point for the API is at

curl -I http://localhost:8080/trivia

This code is written and compiled for Java 8.

Building the code

The mvn POM file requires two parameters passed.

mvn clean install -Dproject.version=1.0.0 -Dbuild.number=$BUILD_NUMBER.$GIT_COMMIT

The code can be compiled locally using

mvn clean install -Dproject.version=1.0.0 -Dbuild.number=001

Getting help

If you are having troubles getting the source code, please see Getting the source code or the video How to get code from GitHub


MIT: http://rem.mit-license.org


Any feedback is welcome. You can contact me at dj at deegeu.com, the Facebook page, the Google+ page or on DeegeU.com.


If you wish to contribute to any issues you find in the source code, please issue a pull request.