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The deegree Project Steering Committee has an annual budget used to fund maintenance activities, code sprints, and research and development that is beyond the reach of an individual contributor. The project will also announce specific activities throughout the year, being sure to thank sponsors when describing functionality in release notes and presentations.

If you wish to make a financial contribution to the deegree project you may do so via the Open Source Geospatial Foundation as described below.

Sponsor via Open Source Geospatial Foundation

To participate please email to express your interest. As deegree is an OSGeo Community Project, your support additionally counts towards the OSGeo sponsorship level.

As with any open source activity, the hands-on 'in-kind' participation shown during code sprints and ongoing commitment of our core contributors exceed any financial contribution.

Sponsorship and associated recognition is an opportunity for the team to thank those who can contribute financially.

Sponsorship via invoice: email

Subject: deegree Sponsorship Treasurer:

We would like to sponsor the deegree project, as a member of the OSGeo community we recognize the value in supporting open source.

Please send us an invoice for $3000 USD. This brings our total sponsorship to the level to be recognized as an OSGeo Silver sponsor (please see attached organization logo).


Marie Tharp

(attachment: <organization_logo.svg>)

Sponsorship via invoice: email

Subject: deegree Sponsorship Treasurer:

I would like to support the deegree Team, please send an invoice for $2000 USD.

I would also like to be added to the OSGeo sponsorship page as a Bronze sponsor using the attached logo.


Albert Mercator

(attachment: <organization_logo.svg>)

Sponsorship with GitHub:

Use GitHub Sponsors to donate via GitHub. Great for ongoing donations, provides some sponsorship matching, a GitHub sticker, and avoids PayPal overhead. More about GitHub Sponsors.

Donation via PayPal:

  1. PayPal donate button:
  2. Check the currency when donating (USD is default).

The OSGeo Treasurer will contact both you and the deegree PSC to acknowledge your sponsorship.

  1. Please have a logo ready for your organization if you wish to be recognized publicly
  2. As with any OSGeo activity your sponsorship (at your request) will be cross listed on the OSGeo sponsorship page.

Financing and funding of software development

In case you want to financially contribute to deegree for specific feature requests get in contact with one of the OSGeo Service Providers.

What is Sponsorship not for?

The sponsorhip money is not intended to be directed towards specific developments of features or bugs submitted by sponsors. The usual mechanism for these kinds of activities is to get in contact with a OSGeo Service Provider or individual active committer. The sponsorship funds will be used for maintenance tasks, as determined by the Project and Technical Steering Committees. The existence of the maintenance funds will help to ensure that the project infrastructure is maintained and kept up-to-date as well that activities such as preparing and releasing deegree versions can be assigned and performed in a timly manner.

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