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Sample repo to demo how to setup redrive functionality
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Redrive demo

This is an example stack to demo how to setup a redrive policy should something fail as it is going through the pipeline.


Setup with the event fork pipeline in mind.

The core setup contains the following:

  • SNS topic
  • SQS queue
  • Lambda function

Note: You'll likely have multiple SQS queues/Lambdas connected to the core SNS topic entry point in an enterprise prod environment...but I'm just showing one pipeline in this demo for simplicity purposes.



In the event that an error is thrown, the Lambda will retry the code three times and then send it to the Dead Letter Queue (DLQ).

Once all errors have been cleaned up, you can then run the redrive function manually from the AWS Lambda console to feed the previously failed messages from thee DLQ back into the Queue to retry the job.

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