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A serverless application that converts blobs of text to speech in an audio file
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This is an application that takes in text and outputs an audio file of that text.

Technologies Used


Directions To Run

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Import and deploy the stack via Stackery. Getting started directions here. TL;DR sign up for free account > create a stack and an environment > deploy.
  3. Navigate to the url for your frontend. Should be something like: http://{stackery stack name}-{stackery environment name}

Known Limitations For Larger Requests

  • There's a maximum item size in DynamoDB (includes all keys/values), so this can't go beyond that. Issue here
  • Lambda has limits for the invocation payload and /tmp directory storage. Issue here
  • Written with US-English in mind, so it might not convert as expected for other languages.

Outstanding TODO Items / Open Bugs

See open issues

Logging Issues

If you find a bug or have a question, feel free to open a new issue and our maintainers will reply as soon as they possibly can. Please describe the issue including steps to reproduce if there are any.

Pull Request Process

  1. Fork the respository
  2. Make any changes you'd like
  3. Open a new PR against master with a description of the proposed changes as well as any other information you find relevant.
  4. If your PR fixes an open issue be sure to write fixes #[ issue number here ]

Finding Help

Please send a direct message to @deeheber on Twitter if any of your questions have not been addressed by the documentation in this repository.

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