Scripts I keep in my personal ~/bin directory.
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This is just a collection of some scripts I whipped up to make my life
easier. I built them to work on MacOS, but they'll probably work on any
non-Windows platform just fine.

I keep some other scripts in my ~/bin directory like Drush
(, and some copyrighted scripts I
can't release to the public.

Before discovering drush, I wrote a script to make a shorthand version
of checking modules out of Drupal's CVS repository. It takes two
parameters, the tag or branch, and the module name. Change directory to
the location where you want the module to checkout to and run it.

  ~/bin/ [tag|branch|HEAD] [module]

  cd ~/Sites/drupalsite/sites/all/modules
  ~/bin/ DRUPAL-6--1 jammer

For Drupal users, check out the CVS deploy module for how to display the TAG from
each module's CVS checkout directory so it will interact with the
update status module correctly.

Built for Ubuntu distributions as an alternative to fancier server
monitoring packages, this script is triggered by a cron job at your
chosen interval. It runs the `df` command to see how much disk space
is available on each partition. If any of them exceed the specified
value of ALERT (set in the script), it sends an email with the percent
of disk space used on which partition along with the hostname.

  crontab -e
  35 5 * * * /home/username/bin/

You *should* modify the ADMIN and ALERT variables in the script.

For use with GeekTool 3.0:
It displays the amount of available disk space for the root partition
on MacOS 10.6.


For use with GeekTool 3.0:
A Perl script that shows the currently assigned address of the
hard-wire ethernet port and Airport on MacOS.


For use with Proximity:
When using Proximity on MacOS, this script will set Adium to Away,
pause iTunes, and start the screensaver. Modify it with AppleScript


For use with Proximity:
Sets your Adium status to Available again.

For use on Ubuntu servers where you don't have access to run cron.
Put this script on your local MacOS cron, and along with Growl you can get realtime, non-email notifications
when your partitions are filling up on remote machines.

A shorthand method to connect to servers by SSH. Make a symlink
in your ~/bin directory as the name of the server you want to
connect to.


For use with Proximity:
When using Proximity on MacOS, this script will start the
screensaver. Modify it with AppleScript Editor.

For use with GeekTool 3.0:
Queries the Yahoo! Weather XML stream for today and tomorrow's high
and low temperatures along with the current condition.