Clean worms out of Apache logs.
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I made unclog to clean worms out of my Apache logs.

This script removes entries from Apache webserver logs
coming from worms sitting on unpatched Windows systems with IIS.

You can prevent further log entries from Code Red variants and
w32nimdda by making the following additions to your httpd.conf

 SetEnvIf Request_URI "default\.ida" dontlog
 SetEnvIf Request_URI "cmd\.exe" dontlog
 SetEnvIf Request_URI "root\.exe" dontlog

Then edit your CustomLog directive

 Customlog /usr/local/apache/bin/access_log common env=!dontlog

Or since this is run from the prompt and not apache, you
could set up a cron with this script

Things to note:
 - You must edit this script to tell it where the logs are
 - This gets run from a command prompt, not Apache. That means
   you might have to edit the very first line of this file to
   point to the right place. If you only have PHP installed as
   as server module, this script will not work.
 - You should run this script as a user that has permission to
   read access_log and permission to create a new file where the
   new de-wormed log will be created
 - You have to make it executable:
     chmod a+rx

 I haven't done any, but for speed, you can rearange each of the
 elements of the array to put the more popular stuff in the log
 first which will speed this up. Sorting through 5000 entries
 with 1700 legit entries took about 3 seconds on my Duron 800.

To do:
 - Add more worms (I have all I know of in this script).
 - Maybe add commandline input instead of setting variables inline