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fix no discovery per interface in new RouterOS

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deemru committed Oct 31, 2018
1 parent edf7d32 commit 32e24a22c76c809c891e1cd7498b81c112cb2a77
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  1. +0 −3 include/secqru_app_tiklan.php
@@ -524,15 +524,13 @@ private function get_config( $g_lan, $g_cidr, $g_vpn, $vpn_protocols, $g_horizon
$ppp_client_name = "$g_lan-$g_vpn-Client-{$subnets[$s]['name']}";
$ospf_costs[] = "routing ospf interface add interface=\"$ppp_client_name\" network-type=point-to-point cost={$subnets[$s]['cost']}";
$ppp_clients[] = "interface {$vpn_protocols[$g_vpn]}-client add connect-to=\"{$subnets[$s]['pub']}\" name=\"$ppp_client_name\" user=\"$g_lan-{$subnets[$i]['name']}\" password=\"{$subnets[$i]['psw']}\" profile=default-encryption keepalive-timeout=$ppp_timeout disabled=no";
$ppp_clients[] = "ip neighbor discovery set \"$ppp_client_name\" discover=no";
else if( $is_server )
$ppp_server_name = "$g_lan-$g_vpn-Server-{$subnets[$s]['name']}";
$ospf_costs[] = "routing ospf interface add interface=\"$ppp_server_name\" network-type=point-to-point cost={$subnets[$s]['cost']}";
$ppp_users[] = "ppp secret add name=\"$g_lan-{$subnets[$s]['name']}\" password=\"{$subnets[$s]['psw']}\" profile=default-encryption local-address={$subnets[$i]['addr_vpn']} remote-address={$subnets[$s]['addr_vpn']}";
$ppp_servers[] = "interface {$vpn_protocols[$g_vpn]}-server add name=\"$ppp_server_name\" user=\"$g_lan-{$subnets[$s]['name']}\"";
$ppp_servers[] = "ip neighbor discovery set \"$ppp_server_name\" discover=no";
@@ -575,7 +573,6 @@ private function get_config( $g_lan, $g_cidr, $g_vpn, $vpn_protocols, $g_horizon
$eoip_id_direct = $subnets[ min( $i, $s ) ]['eoip_direct'] + max( $i, $s ) - 2;
$eoip_interface[] = "interface eoip add name=\"$eoip_name_direct\" !keepalive remote-address={$subnets[$s]['addr_vpn']} tunnel-id=$eoip_id_direct";
$eoip_interface[] = "ip neighbor discovery set \"$eoip_name_direct\" discover=no";
$eoip_to_bridge[] = "interface bridge port add bridge=\"$g_lan\" interface=\"$eoip_name_direct\" horizon=$g_horizon";
$eoip_bridge_filter[] = "interface list member add interface=\"$eoip_name_direct\" list=\"$filter_list\"";

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