Assets 6


  • update stunnel
  • changed from fork to pthread for linux
  • added arm build


stunnel-msspi brings a native support of operating system certificates and private keys in Windows and other operating systems which supports SSPI for SSL/TLS connections.



stunnel-msspi uses msspi = 1 in your configuration by default to switch from OpenSSL library to SSPI. If you still want to use the OpenSSL variation you can use msspi = 0 in your configuration.

stunnel-msspi uses msspi library to mimic OpenSSL function calls.


You can use verify = 3 and for example CApath = TrustedPeople to check peers against "TrustedPeople" system certificate store.

You can use a certificate name, a key identifier or a hash fingerprint in cert option to use the certificate from your certificate store in your configuration (for example cert = bf 3c 4a a0 25 5b 7c 65 91 4a 45 86 6d 86 ab be 1c 18 d5 12 or cert = bf3c4aa0255b7c65914a45866d86abbe1c18d512 or cert = BF:3C:4A:A0:25:5B:7C:65:91:4A:45:86:6D:86:AB:BE:1C:18:D5:12 or simple cert = And there is no need to use key option, because your appropriate private key is loaded automatically if it's present.

This release is automatically built with AppVeyor for Windows and Travis CI for Linux.