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deep Entertainment

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deep Entertainment

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Welcome to deep Entertainment.

We’re an independent game developer located in Germany making narrative games and adventure games. Additionally, we’re developing frameworks and tools in our engine-of-choice Godot.

You can watch our development stream on Twitch every Monday at 9:30 pm CET.

For the latest updates, check out our Mastodon profile and our Website.

If you have problems or feature requests with one of our projects, check out our issue tracker.


  1. egoventure Public

    First person point and click adventure framework for Godot

    GDScript 58 5

  2. parrot Public

    Simple dialogue plugin for Godot

    GDScript 18 3

  3. Custom software mouse cursor addon for Godot

    GDScript 24 2

  4. issues Public

    Issue tracker for deep Entertainment projects



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