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Carol Refurbished


This is a sample game made by MDNA games using the EgoVenture First Person Adventure framework for Godot..

It showcases all features available in EgoVenture and its accompanying plugins Parrot and Speedy Gonzales and is based on the EgoVenture game template.

The game sources are licensed under the MIT license, the included media is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license.

Automatic distribution

The game is automatically exported to Windows, macOS and Linux upon every push and made available on its page.


This repository is used as a showcase for EgoVenture and also as a reference implementation of EgoVenture and its plugins.

So there's no active development here per se, but rather tests and optimizations.

Still, if you like to implement a new feature or fix a bug in the addons, feel free to fork and use the repository for that.

We're happy to check out any pull request you might send. Thanks for your support!

This repository is also used as a starting point for modifications of the other plugins. To publish the changes from this repository to the other repositories, clone the following repositories into one directory and call from this repository:

This will sync the changes and update the API docs.