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Scripts for the #101nights project, during the first Brainhack Network.

Website | Data | Slack channel (to join the Brainhack Slack click here)


✔️ read the brain waves data (MNE Python)

✔️ extract and format all the dreams (dream.txt)

✔️ extract and format all daily logs (daily-logs.txt)

✔️ read XMLs for the "incepted" messages

✔️ artifacts rejection & sensor interpolation (autoreject)

✔️ parse triggers from the EEG recordings

✔️ semantic modeling of dreams (word2vec)

✔️ sleep stages inference (AutoSleepScorer)

✔️ hierarchical block (cluster-topic) modeling of dreams (abstractology)

✔️ test effect of "incepted" messages on the content of dreams (tips: use cosine distance or n_similarity)

✔️ extract functional brain networks at scalp level

🔜 get to the source level using MRI data


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