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Fast DSM

The Fast DSM is designed to quickly and easily create a Trend Micro Deep Security Manager and database for POC or demo purposes. This script leverages Docker to a deploy the DSM manager and a Postgres database.

Please note that this is NOT intended to protect a persistent and environment and should only be used as a temporary setup and is not officially supported.

Getting Started

The Fast DSM will require that you launch and EC2 instance. See the Prerequisties below for more details.


EC2 Instance Requirements

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Operating System
Min of 2 CPU and 8 GB RAM
Min 30 GB of space in the root filesystem, 50 recommended
Instance will need access to the internet
Security groups: inbound access for 4118-4122 and 443


  • Copy the script into your EC2 instance and execute it as root.
  • Once it's finished installing, open your web browswer and go to the instance's IP address using https.
Default login is MasterAdmin and the Password is Password123!
  • Please change your MasterAdmin password after install.

Running the DSM

At this point your DSM should be up and running. In order to test it, you will need to add a license key under Administration > Licenses. You can then activate computers and being testing the modules.

More Info

If you need any additional information or want to learn more about the product, please visit our Help Center.

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