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Pentaho Reports for OpenERP

This project provides an addon for OpenERP that integrates it with the Pentaho reporting system. End users of OpenERP can design reports using Pentaho report designer v3.9 (instructions on how to setup the designer:, and install/access them from inside the OpenERP interface.

The second component is a Java based report server designed to be run as a web application that can be deployed in any standard Java servlet container (like Tomcat, Jetty, etc.)

Building the Java component

The included Ant build file contains a "war" target which performs all the necessary tasks to compile the web application and create the pentaho-reports-for-openerp.war file. This requires that Apache Ant be installed, and also Apache Ivy as it is used to retrieve all the dependencies required to compile and run the application.

$ cd <extracted_path>/java_server
$ ant war

If the build completed successfully, the WAR file can be found in the build/jar directory.

For testing purposes, a standalone server that listens on port 8090 (by default) can be launched using the "launch" target:

$ ant launch

Integrating and Defining reports to OpenERP

The OpenERP module description contains an overview of creating report actions and defining and using report parameters.


This project was developed by Willow IT, using the libraries and extensions developed by De Bortoli Wines, Australia (Pieter van der Merwe in particular) for the Pentaho reporting system. The OpenERP addon also derives from and/or is inspired by the Jasper Reports addon developed by NaN-tic.

Willow IT contributions: Deepak Seshadri - OpenERP-Pentaho server connector (Java) Richard deMeester - frontend and core functions, automated wizard and action implementation Douglas Parker - additional integration Jon Wilson - inspiration, testing, and whipping


This has been developed over time to meet specific requirements as we have needed to meet them. If something is wrong, or you think would make a great feature, please do let us know at:

Report Library

We will be endeavouring to create a library of sample and useful reports. Check at:

where we will announce when and where this is available. In the meantime, if you develop any reports or templates that you would consider worth sharing, please email them through with some description or details.

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