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module ActionController
# This module provides a method which will redirect browser to use HTTPS
# protocol. This will ensure that user's sensitive information will be
# transferred safely over the internet. You _should_ always force browser
# to use HTTPS when you're transferring sensitive information such as
# user authentication, account information, or credit card information.
# Note that if you are really concerned about your application security,
# you might consider using +config.force_ssl+ in your config file instead.
# That will ensure all the data transferred via HTTPS protocol and prevent
# user from getting session hijacked when accessing the site under unsecured
# HTTP protocol.
module ForceSSL
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
include AbstractController::Callbacks
module ClassMethods
# Force the request to this particular controller or specified actions to be
# under HTTPS protocol.
# If you need to disable this for any reason (e.g. development) then you can use
# an +:if+ or +:unless+ condition.
# class AccountsController < ApplicationController
# force_ssl :if => :ssl_configured?
# def ssl_configured?
# !Rails.env.development?
# end
# end
# ==== Options
# * <tt>host</tt> - Redirect to a different host name
# * <tt>only</tt> - The callback should be run only for this action
# * <tt>except</tt> - The callback should be run for all actions except this action
# * <tt>if</tt> - A symbol naming an instance method or a proc; the callback
# will be called only when it returns a true value.
# * <tt>unless</tt> - A symbol naming an instance method or a proc; the callback
# will be called only when it returns a false value.
# * <tt>status</tt> - The http status to be used for redirect, 302-307
def force_ssl(options = {})
host = options.delete(:host)
before_filter(options) do
ssl_options = { |k, v| ![:only, :except, :if, :unless].include?(k) }
force_ssl_redirect(host, ssl_options)
# Redirect the existing request to use the HTTPS protocol.
# ==== Parameters
# * <tt>host</tt> - Redirect to a different host name
def force_ssl_redirect(host = nil, redirect_options={})
unless request.ssl?
redirect_options = {:protocol => 'https://', :status => :moved_permanently}.merge!(redirect_options)
redirect_options.merge!(:host => host) if host && host != :existing
redirect_options.merge!(:params => request.query_parameters)
flash.keep if respond_to?(:flash)
redirect_to redirect_options
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