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Name Type Description Notes
sku string Stock Keeping Unit or the identification unit of an individual product (generally alphanumeric)
hsn string Harmonised System Nomenclature. A code number used to classify goods for taxation purposes. Done to determine which category of taxes do the goods come under [optional]
name string Name of the product
tax_code string The percentage of tax which is to be imposed
type string If there is only one product or multiple types of products
qty int Total Quantity of the products to be shipped
low_stock string Specifies when the low stock notification should come on
category_code string You can add a category code to your ShipRocket account from “add category”
description string Gives a description of the product
brand string The product brand name
size int
weight int Total weight of the products
length int Product Dimensions
width int Product Dimensions
height int Product Dimensions
ean string European Article Number - A barcode for product identification (which helps manufacturers identify how many products have been sold once a sale is made) It is 13 digits long and required for international selling
upc string Universal Product Code – Barcode for product identification which is used across the world. It is 12 digits long
isbn string International Standard Book Number – Identification barcode for books, magazines, e-books and other published media. It is 10 digits long
color string The colour of the product
imei_serialnumber string The International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, which is used by a network to identify valid devices. Eg if two iphones have to be shipped they will have 2 Imei’s
cost_price int How much it cost to make the product
mrp string Maximum Retail Price. How much is the maximum price which the product can be sold at
status int In Boolean, if the product details have been successfully or unsuccessfully added
image_url string Shows the url of the product images which have been uploaded
components string[] An arrayed display of all the components

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