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Real-Time Lip Sync for Live 2D Animation
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Real-Time Lip Sync for Live 2D Animation

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Video summary: character_lipsync_video_summary.mp4

Additional results:

The spoken sentences are taken from a test set of 50 recordings, which we used to generate side-by-side comparisons that we ran on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Ch - Adobe Character Animator v1.


Our result is always on the RIGHT side. Following video comparisons are included:

Baseline 1 : Ch Online (live) vs Ours (live)

  1. ChOnline_vs_Ours_Female
  2. ChOnline_vs_Ours_Kid
  3. ChOnline_vs_Ours_Male

Baseline 2 : Ch Offline (not live) vs Ours (live)

  1. ChOffline_vs_Ours_Cartoon
  2. ChOffline_vs_Ours_Female
  3. ChOffline_vs_Ours_Kid
  4. ChOffline_vs_Ours_Male

Baseline 3 : ToonBoom Offline (not live) vs Ours (live)

  1. ToonBoom_vs_Ours_Cartoon
  2. ToonBoom_vs_Ours_Female
  3. ToonBoom_vs_Ours_Male

Baseline 4 : OursNoAug vs Ours

  1. OursNoAug_vs_Ours_Female
  2. OursNoAug_vs_Ours_Kid
  3. OursNoAug_vs_Ours_Male

Baseline 5 : Ours4 vs Ours

  1. Ours4_vs_Ours_Female
  2. Ours4_vs_Ours_Male
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