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FoodForce2 Installation Instructions

Once you have downloaded the source and unzipped it, you need the following to run the game

  1. Python : Python is generally present on all distributions of linux ( ver. 2.5.1 or greater). If you are trying to run the game from source on windows, you can download python from the following link:

  2. Pygame : Pygame can be installed on any linux system. In ubuntu, you can install pygame from synaptics, and on fedora, it can be installed as easily as " yum install pygame" For Windows, one can download pygame from here:

After, installing the above two things, you can run the game by running the module as "python" in your terminal.

Creating a distribution for Windows

  1. You would be required to install, py2exe for making a windows distribution. One can get py2exe from here:

  2. Once you have installed py2exe, the windows distribution can be made by running the file, with command line agruements as py2exe i.e. "python py2exe"

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