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This installer will install missing prerequisites (Git, MiniConda, Tensorflow), set up the environment and create a Desktop shortcut for launching straight into the FaceSwap GUI. If running this installer, you do not need to manually install any programs yourself.

For Nvidia users it will install CUDA and cuDNN into a Conda environment. It is recommended to remove any system-wide installs of CUDA you have from your PC. A CUDA 9.0+ capable graphics card is required.

For AMD Users it will install PlaidML to enable use of AMD Graphics cards.

Windows Users

You only need to download the file faceswap_setup_x64.exe from this page.

NB: It may, at times, look like the installer has hung. It hasn't. The installer has to download and install a lot of prerequisites, and it is impossible to retrieve a live update of the output into the Details window. Please be patient.

IMPORTANT: Windows SmartScreen may flag this program as unsafe. This is because it needs to download third party applications from the internet. It is entirely safe, and the source code can be reviewed here: If you are still not convinced, you can review the source code and compile the installer yourself.

Linux Users

You only need to download the file from this page.

Just download and run as a normal user:
bash ./
Then follow the prompts.

Assets 4

This is a snapshot of the repo prior to the refactor of training, to support old models.

Assets 2
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