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Clear Chrome Cache
Clear Chrome Cache Program.workflow/Contents

Clear Chrome Cache Program (CCCP)

This is a little Automator app (so Mac only, sorry) I made to simplify the task of clearing Chrome's cache. Just put the app in your dock or wherever for a handy, 1-click cleanse.

Tested with Chrome 17 on Lion.

It shows a Growl notification when it's done, so Growl is required.

It also plays the "move to trash" sound, which has different locations on different versions of OS X. To get it to work on Snow Leopard:

  • Open the .app-file or the .workflow file in Automator.
  • Edit the contents of the last action ("Run Shell Script") to:
    afplay '/System/Library/Components/CoreAudio.component/Contents/Resources/SystemSounds/dock/drag to trash.aif'
    (or simply delete the action if you don't want the sound to play at all)