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#!/usr/bin/env python
import gettext
import json
import os
import cPickle as pickle
import subprocess
import sys
def completion_info(pofile):
'''Given a path to a pofile, return a tuple of:
(number of strings with translations, total number of strings)
cmd = "msgattrib %s --no-obsolete --no-wrap %s | grep '^msgid' | wc -l"
translated = subprocess.check_output(cmd % ("--translated", pofile), shell=True)
untranslated = subprocess.check_output(cmd % ("--untranslated", pofile), shell=True)
translated = int(translated.strip())
untranslated = int(untranslated.strip())
return translated, translated + untranslated
def build_data(datafilename):
'''Create an file for a given language. is JSON formatted
metadata about the translation, with the display name, english name,
info on number of translated/untranslated strings, and whether
or not the language is currently enabled
prefix = datafilename[:-4]
pofile = prefix + "po"
lang_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(datafilename))
lang = os.path.basename(lang_dir)
directory = os.path.dirname(lang_dir)
translator = gettext.translation("r2", directory, [lang])
lang_info =
num_completed, num_total = completion_info(pofile)
completion = float(num_completed) / float(num_total) * 100.0
print "%s: appears %i%% complete" % (lang, completion)
en_name = lang_info['display-name-en']
if not en_name:
raise ValueError("display-name-en not set for " + lang)
disp_name = lang_info['display-name']
if not disp_name:
raise ValueError("display-name not set for " + lang)
data = {'en_name': en_name,
'name': disp_name,
'num_completed': num_completed or 0,
'num_total': num_total or 1,
'_is_enabled': lang_info.get("enabled", True),
with open(datafilename, "w") as datafile:
json.dump(data, datafile)
if __name__ == '__main__':