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Deepkit is an open-source platform and cross-platform desktop application to execute, track, and debug modern machine learning experiments. With integrated server management tool to execute experiments on any Linux server with a simple click or cli command.

Download - Live Demo - Example Python


  • Experiment execution using uniform experiment definition
  • Execute experiments locally or in the cloud, seamlessly
  • Pipeline support to increase execution time and reduce hardware costs
  • Layer debugger for Keras2 and Pytorch
  • Automatic source code versioning
  • Experiment artifacts (aka output: weights, snapshots, etc)
  • Experiment execution via Docker container with auto-build
  • Experiment comparison: Side by side, file diff, metrics diff
  • Server job scheduling with resource limitation and assignment (and NVIDIA Docker GPU support)
  • Real-time experiment tracking: Log metrics, text, images, numpy arrays, and more
  • Python SDK
  • Project management: Issue tracker, Kanban board, and notes
  • Real-time desktop (and web) app with analytical tools to monitor and organize experiments
  • Optional centralized server for teams
  • Free community server at to share your experiments with the world


Deepkit is written entirely in Typescript and consists of following main packages:

  • packages/cli: command line interface tools
  • packages/deepkit: The GUI, desktop and web app interface
  • packages/server: The server component that stores all the data using the filesystem and mongodb
  • packages/website: The website as SSR Angular 9 SPA app
  • packages/core: Common models, functions, services
  • packages/core-node: Common models, functions, services for node environment
  • packages/electron: The electron bootstrapper for the GUI

Following open-source packages have been created for Deepkit that wouldn't exist otherwise and were absolutely necessary:

  • Marshal.ts - The fastest universal Typescript data serializer and validator
  • Glut.ts - A reactive real-time server framework with distributed entity/file abstraction and syncing based on ReactJS
  • angular-desktop-ui - A GUI library for native-like GUI widget based on Angular 9+

Development app

cd deepkit
npm run bootstrap
cd deepkit
cd deepkit
make angular-watch
cd deepkit
# Open in browser the angular dist
# e.g. file:///Users/marc/bude/deepkit/packages/deepkit/dist/deepkit/index.html
# or electron
cd deepkit
make electron-build
make electron

Development website


cd packages/website
ng run website:server:production --watch


cd packages/website
npm run serve:ssr


The collaborative real-time open-source machine learning devtool and training suite: Experiment execution, tracking, and debugging. With server and project management tools.