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Update README for soccer.

* Add a link to the main README for installation instructions
* Add a screenshot image of the soccer environment.
* Update path to website.

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liusiqi43 authored and alimuldal committed Feb 21, 2019
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# DeepMind MuJoCo Multi-Agent Soccer Environment.

This submodule contains the components and environment described in ICLR 2019
submission [Emergent Coordination through Competition][iclr_submission].
paper [Emergent Coordination through Competition][website].

# ![soccer](soccer.png)

## Installation and requirements

See [dm_control](../../../ for instructions.

## Quickstart

@@ -36,4 +42,4 @@ while not time_step.last():
To visualize an example 2-vs-2 soccer environment in the `dm_control`
interactive viewer, execute `dm_control/locomotion/soccer/`.

Binary file not shown.

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