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# Copyright 2017 The Sonnet Authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ============================================================================
"""Cores for RNNs with varying number of unrolls.
This file contains implementations for:
* ACT (Adaptive Computation Time)
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import functools
from sonnet.python.modules import basic
from sonnet.python.modules import rnn_core
from sonnet.python.ops import nest
import tensorflow as tf
def _nested_add(nested_a, nested_b):
"""Add two arbitrarily nested `Tensors`."""
return a, b: a + b, nested_a, nested_b)
def _nested_unary_mul(nested_a, p):
"""Multiply `Tensors` in arbitrarily nested `Tensor` `nested_a` with `p`."""
def mul_with_broadcast(tensor):
ndims = tensor.shape.ndims
if ndims != 2:
p_reshaped = tf.reshape(p, [-1] + [1] * (ndims - 1))
return p_reshaped * tensor
return p * tensor
return, nested_a)
def _nested_zeros_like(nested_a):
return, nested_a)
class ACTCore(rnn_core.RNNCore):
"""Adaptive computation time core.
Implementation of the model described in "Adaptive Computation Time for
Recurrent Neural Networks" paper,
The `ACTCore` incorporates the pondering RNN of ACT, with different
computation times for each element in the mini batch. Each pondering step is
performed by the `core` passed to the constructor of `ACTCore`.
The output of the `ACTCore` is made of `(act_out, (iteration, remainder)`,
* `iteration` counts the number of pondering step in each batch element;
* `remainder` is the remainder as defined in the ACT paper;
* `act_out` is the weighted average output of all pondering steps (see ACT
paper for more info).
def __init__(self, core, output_size, threshold, get_state_for_halting,
max_steps=0, name="act_core"):
core: A `sonnet.RNNCore` object. This should only take a single `Tensor`
in input, and output only a single flat `Tensor`.
output_size: An integer. The size of each output in the sequence.
threshold: A float between 0 and 1. Probability to reach for ACT to stop
get_state_for_halting: A callable that can take the `core` state and
return the input to the halting function.
max_steps: Integer >= 0, that controls the maximum number of ponder steps.
If equal to 0, then this disables control.
name: A string. The name of this module.
ValueError: if `threshold` is not between 0 and 1.
ValueError: if `core` has either nested outputs or outputs that are not
one dimensional.
super(ACTCore, self).__init__(name=name)
self._core = core
self._output_size = output_size
self._threshold = threshold
self._get_state_for_halting = get_state_for_halting
self._max_steps = max_steps
if not isinstance(self._core.output_size, tf.TensorShape):
raise ValueError("Output of core should be single Tensor.")
if self._core.output_size.ndims != 1:
raise ValueError("Output of core should be 1D.")
if not 0 <= self._threshold <= 1:
raise ValueError("Threshold should be between 0 and 1, but found {}".
def initial_state(self, *args, **kwargs):
return self._core.initial_state(*args, **kwargs)
def output_size(self):
return tf.TensorShape([self._output_size]), (tf.TensorShape([1]),
def state_size(self):
return self._core.state_size
def batch_size(self):
return self._batch_size
def dtype(self):
return self._dtype
def _cond(self, unused_x, unused_cumul_out, unused_prev_state,
unused_cumul_state, cumul_halting, unused_iteration,
"""The `cond` of the `tf.while_loop`."""
return tf.reduce_any(cumul_halting < 1)
def _body(self, x, cumul_out, prev_state, cumul_state,
cumul_halting, iteration, remainder, halting_linear, x_ones):
"""The `body` of `tf.while_loop`."""
# Increase iteration count only for those elements that are still running.
all_ones = tf.constant(1, shape=(self._batch_size, 1), dtype=self._dtype)
is_iteration_over = tf.equal(cumul_halting, all_ones)
next_iteration = tf.where(is_iteration_over, iteration, iteration + 1)
out, next_state = self._core(x, prev_state)
# Get part of state used to compute halting values.
halting_input = halting_linear(self._get_state_for_halting(next_state))
halting = tf.sigmoid(halting_input, name="halting")
next_cumul_halting_raw = cumul_halting + halting
over_threshold = next_cumul_halting_raw > self._threshold
if self._max_steps > 0:
at_max_steps = tf.greater_equal(next_iteration, self._max_steps)
over_threshold = tf.logical_or(over_threshold, at_max_steps)
next_cumul_halting = tf.where(over_threshold, all_ones,
next_remainder = tf.where(over_threshold, remainder,
1 - next_cumul_halting_raw)
p = next_cumul_halting - cumul_halting
next_cumul_state = _nested_add(cumul_state,
_nested_unary_mul(next_state, p))
next_cumul_out = cumul_out + p * out
return (x_ones, next_cumul_out, next_state, next_cumul_state,
next_cumul_halting, next_iteration, next_remainder)
def _build(self, x, prev_state):
"""Connects the core to the graph.
x: Input `Tensor` of shape `(batch_size, input_size)`.
prev_state: Previous state. This could be a `Tensor`, or a tuple of
The tuple `(output, state)` for this core.
ValueError: if the `Tensor` `x` does not have rank 2.
self._batch_size = x.get_shape().as_list()[0]
self._dtype = x.dtype
x_zeros = tf.concat(
[x, tf.zeros(
shape=(self._batch_size, 1), dtype=self._dtype)], 1)
x_ones = tf.concat(
[x, tf.ones(
shape=(self._batch_size, 1), dtype=self._dtype)], 1)
# Weights for the halting signal
halting_linear = basic.Linear(name="halting_linear", output_size=1)
body = functools.partial(
self._body, halting_linear=halting_linear, x_ones=x_ones)
cumul_halting_init = tf.zeros(shape=(self._batch_size, 1),
iteration_init = tf.zeros(shape=(self._batch_size, 1), dtype=self._dtype)
core_output_size = [x.value for x in self._core.output_size]
out_init = tf.zeros(shape=(self._batch_size,) + tuple(core_output_size),
cumul_state_init = _nested_zeros_like(prev_state)
remainder_init = tf.zeros(shape=(self._batch_size, 1), dtype=self._dtype)
(unused_final_x, final_out, unused_final_state, final_cumul_state,
unused_final_halting, final_iteration, final_remainder) = tf.while_loop(
self._cond, body, [x_zeros, out_init, prev_state, cumul_state_init,
cumul_halting_init, iteration_init, remainder_init])
act_output = basic.Linear(
name="act_output_linear", output_size=self._output_size)(final_out)
return (act_output, (final_iteration, final_remainder)), final_cumul_state
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