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Conversational Intelligence Challenge baseline solution

It is based on two papers:

We are using forked repo of Allen AI2 bi-att-flow:


Python packages will be installed by script.


It you're using git version 1.6.5+, you could clone with dependencies:

git clone --recursive

If you're using earlier versions of git, or if you have the repo downloaded without --recursive, you should clone dependency repos additionally:

git clone
cd ConvAI-baseline
git submodule update --init --recursive



Setup will download docker images, models and data files, so you have no need to download any of that by yourself.

Telegram integration

To make your bot work, you need to run it first time. It will create bot_code/config.ini file with stubs for secret tokens from Telegram. You need to register your our bot here and replace stub tokens with provided ones.


./ start|stop|restart|status