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Popularity Ranker

Popularity Ranker re-ranks results obtained via :doc:`TF-IDF Ranker <tfidf_ranking>` using information about the number of article views. The number of Wikipedia articles views is an open piece of information which can be obtained via Wikimedia REST API. We assigned a mean number of views for the period since 2017/11/05 to 2018/11/05 to each article in our English Wikipedia database enwiki20180211.

The inner algorithm of Popularity Ranker is a Logistic Regression classifier based on 3 features:

  • tfidf score of the article
  • popularity of the article
  • multiplication of two above features

The classifier is trained on SQuAD-v1.1 [1] train set.

Quick Start

Before using the model make sure that all required packages are installed running the command:

python -m deeppavlov install en_ranker_pop_enwiki20180211.json

Building the model

from deeppavlov import configs
from deeppavlov.core.commands.infer import build_model

ranker = build_model(configs.doc_retrieval.en_ranker_pop_enwiki20180211, load_trained=True)


result = ranker(['Who is Ivan Pavlov?'])


>> ['Ivan Pavlov', 'Vladimir Bekhterev', 'Classical conditioning', 'Valentin Pavlov', 'Psychology']

Text for the output titles can be further extracted with :class:`~deeppavlov.vocabs.wiki_sqlite.WikiSQLiteVocab` class.


Default ranker config is :config:`doc_retrieval/en_ranker_pop_enwiki20180211.json <doc_retrieval/en_ranker_pop_enwiki20180211.json>`

Running the Ranker


About 17 GB of RAM required.


When interacting, the ranker returns document titles of the relevant documents.

Run the following to interact with the ranker:

python -m deeppavlov interact en_ranker_pop_enwiki20180211 -d

Available Data and Pretrained Models

Available information about Wikipedia articles popularity is downloaded to ~/.deeppavlov/downloads/odqa/popularities.json and pre-trained logistic regression classifier is downloaded to ~/.deeppavlov/models/odqa/logreg_3features.joblib by default.