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Telegram integration

Any model specified by a DeepPavlov config can be launched as a Telegram bot. You can do it using command line interface or using python.

Command line interface

To run a model specified by the <config_path> config file as a telegram bot with a <telegram_token>:

python -m deeppavlov interactbot <config_path> -t <telegram_token> [-d] [--no-default-skill]

The command will print the used host and port. Default web service properties (host, port, model endpoint, GET request arguments) can be modified via changing deeppavlov/utils/settings/server_config.json file. Advanced API configuration is described in :doc:`REST API </integrations/rest_api>` section.

If you want to get custom /start and /help Telegram messages for the running model you should:

  • Add section to deeppavlov/utils/settings/models_info.json with your custom Telegram messages
  • In model config file specify metadata.labels.telegram_utils parameter with name which refers to the added section of deeppavlov/utils/settings/models_info.json


To run a model specified by a DeepPavlov config <config_path> as as Telegram bot, you have to turn it to a :class:`~deeppavlov.core.skill.skill.Skill` and then make it an :class:`~deeppavlov.core.agent.agent.Agent`.

from deeppavlov import build_model
from deeppavlov.skills.default_skill.default_skill import DefaultStatelessSkill
from deeppavlov.agents.default_agent.default_agent import DefaultAgent
from deeppavlov.agents.processors.highest_confidence_selector import HighestConfidenceSelector
from deeppavlov.utils.telegram.telegram_ui import init_bot_for_model

model = build_model("<config_path>", download=True)

# Step 1: make it a Skill
skill = DefaultStatelessSkill(model)
# Step 2: make it an Agent
agent = DefaultAgent(skills=[skill])
# Step 3: run server
init_bot_for_model(agent, token="<telegram_token>", name="my_model_name")

If your model is already a subclass of :class:`~deeppavlov.core.skill.skill.Skill` or a subclass of :class:`~deeppavlov.core.agent.agent.Agent` (see :doc:`skills </apiref/skills>` and :doc:`agents </apiref/agents>`) you can skip corresponding steps.

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