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Open Domain Question Answering Skill on Wikipedia

Task definition

Open Domain Question Answering (ODQA) is a task to find an exact answer to any question in Wikipedia articles. Thus, given only a question, the system outputs the best answer it can find. The default ODQA implementation takes a batch of queries as input and returns 5 answers sorted via their score.

Quick Start

Before using the model make sure that all required packages are installed running the command:

python -m deeppavlov install en_odqa_infer_wiki

Training (if you have your own data)

from deeppavlov import configs
from deeppavlov.core.commands.train import train_evaluate_model_from_config

train_evaluate_model_from_config(configs.doc_retrieval.en_ranker_tfidf_wiki, download=True)
train_evaluate_model_from_config(configs.squad.multi_squad_noans, download=True)


from deeppavlov import configs
from deeppavlov.core.commands.infer import build_model

odqa = build_model(configs.odqa.en_odqa_infer_wiki, load_trained=True)


result = odqa(['What is the name of Darth Vader\'s son?'])


>> Luke Skywalker


There are pretrained ODQA models for English and Russian languages in :doc:`DeepPavlov </index/>`.


The architecture of ODQA skill is modular and consists of two models, a ranker and a reader. The ranker is based on DrQA [1] proposed by Facebook Research and the reader is based on R-NET [2] proposed by Microsoft Research Asia and its implementation [3] by Wenxuan Zhou.

Running ODQA


About 24 GB of RAM required. It is possible to run on a 16 GB machine, but than swap size should be at least 8 GB.


ODQA ranker and ODQA reader should be trained separately. Read about training the ranker :ref:`here <ranker_training>`. Read about training the reader in our separate :ref:`reader tutorial <reader_training>`.


When interacting, the ODQA skill returns a plain answer to the user's question.

Run the following to interact with English ODQA:

python -m deeppavlov interact en_odqa_infer_wiki -d

Run the following to interact with Russian ODQA:

python -m deeppavlov interact ru_odqa_infer_wiki -d


The ODQA configs suit only model inferring purposes. For training purposes use the :ref:`ranker configs <ranker_training>` and the :ref:`reader configs <reader_training>` accordingly.


Scores for ODQA skill:

Model Dataset Ranker@5 Ranker@25
:config:`enwiki20180211 <odqa/en_odqa_infer_wiki.json>` SQuAD (dev) 35.89 29.21 39.96 32.64
:config:`enwiki20161221 <odqa/en_odqa_infer_enwiki20161221.json>` 37.83 31.26 41.86 34.73
DrQA [1] enwiki20161221 - 27.1 - -
R3 [4] enwiki20161221 37.5 29.1 -  

EM stands for "exact-match accuracy". Metrics are counted for top 5 and top 25 documents returned by retrieval module.


[1](1, 2)